During my first pregnancy I started to become aware of the toxic chemicals that surrounded me, from sitting on the sofa (yes the toxins from the foam were sifting their way into my body) to the expensive products I was lathering onto my skin morning and night.

Both my children were born with dry skin and both diagnosed as having eczema. For the first 9 months of my son’s life I religiously applied steroid creams and emollients and wrapped him up in bandages to go to sleep and yet there was no difference to his skin. I discovered that all these lotions and creams actually were full of ingredients that dried the skin out therefore exacerbating the problem I was trying to control. At that point I started to change all the creams and lotions that were used in the house, from kids moisturisers to facial and hair care to toothpaste and what a difference. The kids still get flare ups and I have to identify the cause (bubble bath at Granny’s house!) but generally I can control most of the eczema. For more information about my natural and organic skin care journey so please read my blog :)))